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Главная » Файлы » Counter-Strike » Скачать готовый сервера

Скачать CSPromod Beta 1.01 Full (Client + Server)

( Файл был добавлен: 18.02.2008 в 11:15 | Размер: 31.9 Mb )
>ХОЧУ ЗАРЕГИТЬСЯ< для того чтобы скачать кликните по любой рекламной ссылке:
CSProMod img

This revision provides fixes to some of the crucial bugs reported in Beta 1.0 (a list is provided in section 2). Additionally, there are several important misconceptions people seem to have about the game. Please read the following notes:

1) As mentioned in section 4 of the readme, several console
commands have changed. "Buyammo1" is now "Buy primammo", "Buyammo 2" is now "Buy secammo", and "+speed" is now "+walk".

2) mp_restartgame not only restarts the round, but also takes the game out of warmup mode, and puts it into LIVE mode if it's not there already. In 1.01, we've added the "mp_public" cvar, which controls the inclusion of warmup mode. mp_public is defaulted to 1 (no warmup mode) in the server.cfg for public server play. If you're running a private server, you should make sure this command is set to 0 in the server.cfg.

3) Make sure you're using the following commands:
a) cl_updaterate 100
b) cl_cmdrate 100
c) rate 25000
d) cl_predict 1
e) cl_lagcompensation 1
f) cl_interpolate 1
g) cl_interp_ratio 1

Every other netcode command should be at its default. In 1.01, we have defaulted the above cvars to their correct values. Many people have reported experiencing laggy gameplay; hopefully this helps fix the problem. Please don't report that gameplay is laggy if you're playing on a listen server, or a server that's hosted on domestic internet. If you're doing so, you should expect lag. Also, please don't report that gameplay is laggy if you're playing on any server with more than 16 people. The Source engine isn't meant to handle more than 16 players. However, if you're experiencing laggy gameplay on our sponsored public servers, or other professionally hosted servers, please continue to report
that (after making sure your commands are set correctly).

4) Server hosts: Make sure to update all files, including maps and server.cfg. Also ensure that client.dll, server.dll, and server_i486.so are all in your server's /bin directory.

Version: Beta 1.01
Date: 21 October 2007
Website: http://www.CSPromod.com
IRC: irc.gamesurge.net - #CSPromod

Bug Fixes/Feature Additions:
-Added 5 second buffer for ready/unready commands
-Added mp_public cvar (removes warmup mode entirely when set to 1) for public server play
-Added more quick buy & quick select binds to the GUI
-Added 1.6-style green overlay to radars
-Changed buy menus to 1.6-style
-Changed scoreboard team order (T's first, CT's second)
-Client side crashing (spawning in walls/floors) reduced
-Correct netcode commands (see section 7) are now defaulted in autoexec.cfg
-Crouch slide removed
-Crouch hitboxes fixed
-Crouch jumping now occurs more smoothly
-Crouch viewheight fixed
-Crouching while moving on ladders is now entirely silent
-Fixed T spawn glitch on csp_inferno
-Increased difficulty of window jump on csp_dust2
-Increased difficulty of high rafter jump on csp_nuke
-Joining a team mid-round no longer gives you 0$
-Netcode commands expanded (see section 7)
-Players can no longer switch teams an infinite number of times per round
-Players no longer spawn when joining a team mid-round
-Ready/unready commands no longer have any effect after the game is live
-Respawn_entities no longer crashes servers

При копировании материалов, ссылка на источник обязательна - http://www.prousers.ru/
Категория: Скачать готовый сервера | Добавил: FoXm@n
Просмотров: 3182 | Загрузок: 556 | Комментарии: 3 | Рейтинг: 5.0/5

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Всего комментариев: 3
0   Спам
3 FoXm@n   (21.02.2008 20:08)
Да сервер+client wink

0   Спам
2 see   (20.02.2008 21:35)
tipa celij server? :D

0   Спам
1 kz_Power | AHTOH   (19.02.2008 17:39)
КЛЁВЫЙ токо героев маловато :(

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